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JP SP23 ADV : Let’s join creati部!

Class theme/topics discussed: Creative writing! (Just for fun)

Goal of the class:  Enjoy the art of creative writing!

How did you structure the class?

7th April 2023


 Explaining the concept, showing the actual example with my birthday


 Students started writing the piece by using their own info of b-day.


Each one of them read it out loud to the floor.


Switch the paper to other classmates, start writing the story continuing from the last person.


Each one of them read it out loud to the floor.             

17:15      End

What technology, media or props did you use?  


What worked well in this class? What did not work?

Participants enjoyed writing creative works by collaborating. They enjoyed how the story went crazily.

クリエイティ部に入ろう!(笑)Let’s joing the creati部!

今日やること:日本語で創作(そうさく)しよう!Creative writing in Japanese

下の表から自分の生年月日を探して、当てはまる単語に丸をつけて、抜き出します。その単語を使ってオリジナルな物語を創作してください。あとで他の人に発表します。Look for your birthday from the chart below, circle them. Later, start writing a creative story, using the vocabulary you got from the chart.

       ・8月4日(土)は?How would it look like for 4th Aug?⇨

Sao Paulo サンパウロ, むしゃむしゃMusha musha (munch munch)

生まれた年 birth year

2000年👉明日 tomorrow

2001年👉昨日 yesterday

2002年👉今日 today

2003年👉おととい the day before yesterday

生まれた月 birth month

1月 大阪 Osaka

2月 ヤンゴンYangon

3月 ホノルルHonolulu

4月 リマLima

5月 ヨハネスブルグJohanessburg

6月 上海Shanghai

7月 マドリッドMadrid

8月 サンパウロSao Paulo

9月 ソウルSeoul

10月 フランクフルトFrankfurt

11月 ロサンゼルスLos Angeles

12月 カイロCairo

生まれた日 birthday

1 ふわふわ Fuwafuwa

2 キラキラ Kirakira

3 ぷにぷに Punipuni

4 むしゃむしゃ Mushamusha

5 くちゃくちゃKuchakucha

6 ぐりぐりguriguri

7 ぐつぐつgutsugutsu

8 ぽろぽろporoporo

9 ふつふつfutsufutsu

10  チカチカchikachika

11  チラチラchirachira

12  チリチリchirichiri

13  つやつやtsuyatsuya

14  てかてかtekateka

15  とろとろtoro toro

16  ほわほわhowa howa

17  カリカリkarikari

18  ガブガブgabugabu

19  サクサクsakusaku

20  パリパリparipari

21  チリンチリンchirin chirin

22  ガタンゴトンgatan goton

23  パサパサ pasapasa

24  ドロドロdoro doro

25  コロコロkoro koro

26  ごろごろgoro goro

27  ピカピカpika pika

28  ざあざあzaa zaa

29  さらさらsara sara

30  きりきりkiri kiri

31  いらいらira ira

生まれた曜日(上座部仏教東南アジアでは大事)date of the day (Teeravada Buddhist countries in South East Asia such as Myanmar, Thai, is important.)

月 笑っていた Mon: Laughing

火 泣いていた Tue:Crying

水 ぼーっとしていた Wed:Zooning out

木 にらんでいた Thu: Staring

金 怒っていた Fri: Angry

土 悲しんでいたSat: Sad

日 悔やしがっていた Sun: lamenting

自分の単語は??👉 What words did you get?

物語(ものがたり)を書き始めよう!Let’s start writing!

JP F22 INT/ADV : Let’s talk about holiday plans!! 休日の過ごし方・予定について話そう〜!

Conversation Class Lesson Summary

Language Resident Name: Cozy Enrique NAKADA (Koji NAKADA)

Day and Date: 14th week (28th and 30th November 2022) 

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class):  Intermediate

Class theme/topics discussed: Conversation project

Goal of the class:  To be able to talk about holiday, resolutions

How did you structure the class?

28th November


              Talking about how to spend your holidays (This time focused on

                      Thanksgiving, winter break)

              Introducing new words to students

              Changing pairs to talk about the topic

              Expanding this to their cultural customs, rituals

17:15      End

30th November


              Reviewing this year (Sharing the highlight of this year),

 talking about ambition (resolution for next year)


Evaluation start!

17:15      End

What technology, media or props did you use?  


What worked well in this class? What did not work?

Overall, looking back for this course, I should have made them hurry to finish the conversation class project at the end of October already. During the evaluation, I felt we did not go through enough classes to “evaluate”. Next semester, there are going to be only 4 students for intermediate (thank god), so I will try not spending too much time on CC project next semester. 👈という懺悔を残したりしてw

FR S22 ADV – Cartoons (Toy Story)

Warm-up (10 minutes): Students share in groups of 3/4 what are/were their favorite cartoons and animated movies growing up and nowadays.

Activity 1: Screening of a video extract from Toy Story 1 (animated movie)–10 minutes-,

the French version: (l’arrivée de Buzz).

Students have to think about these two questions while watching the extract: Que se passe-t-il dans cette scène? Décrivez les personnages et ce qu’ils font? (What happens in this scene / describe the characters and what they are doing)

Vocabulary/cultural Input: (5/7 minutes) in this scene, as it is the French version, characters speak in a colloquial way and use a lot of idioms/expressions that French people use in their daily speech/conversations. Students are asked whether or not they know or understand the meaning of the following words and expressions mentioned in the extract:

Je l’ai pas fait exprès (faire exprès), Voilà qui tombe vraiment à pic (Tomber à pic), On arrête pas le progrès, causer (//parler), ultra moderne (at the cutting-edge)

Activity 2: Students are asked in groups of 3/4 to imagine they are film producers from Hollywood who wants to create a movie adaptation of Toy Story with real actors. They are casting directors and have to find actors and actresses who would according to them impersonate the best the animated versions. When they found the actors, they do a small presentation to convince me that their casting is the best one.

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