Below you will find a list with links to various web resources for teachers and students of Russian, as well as attachments with materials that may be used in class, but that were not attached to any lesson plan in the archive.

Links to Online Resources: – an archive with ready-made lesson plans organized by aspects (conversation/ reading/ grammar, etc.) and level; – lessons based on “Eralash” episodes (include transcripts, vocabulary lists, and exercises); – Russian language resources of all kinds (information on study abroad, dictionaries, news, lesson plans, etc., etc.); – a software to convert any Russian text into learning material (inserts stress marks, provides translations, etc.); – a collection of games, educational videos, flash cards, etc., mostly for beginning/ intermediate students; – a wide collection of shared class materials submitted by teachers of Russian (lesson plans, exercises, games, presentations, etc.); – Russian language resources (flash cards, fun activities, vocabulary drills, grammar explanations, etc.) – resources for Russian language learners by a professor of Russian at Auburn University; – resources in Russian from the University of Denver (video/ audio/ grammar); – Russian Advanced Interactive Listening Series; – videopodcast for learning Russian + links to more resources.

Class Materials:

1) a list of ideas of various activities for class (descriptions and instructions are in English, everyone can use!) – Ideas for a Conversation;

2) a blank field for a board game (you may edit it in Photoshop – or another software – and add your questions/ tasks/ prompts) – ;

3) a detective board game – cluedo;

4) a folder with blank comic strips – Blank Comics;

5) materials for a speed dating activity in an ESL class – they can be edited and modified for a Russian class (translations, changes to emphasize certain vocab. / grammar) – Speed Dating Activity.