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FR S18 “Welcome Back Party”

JP S18 Study Break “Origami Night”

JP S18 Welcome Back Party – Make Your Onigiri

DE S18 decorate your personal Lebkuchenherz

CN S18 study break Spiced eggs & Boba

ES S18 Study Break: Once Chilena

RU S18 Who’s the MAFIA?

CN S18 welcome back party

RU S17 Oldenborg Welcome Back

ES F17 Study Break

ES F17 Study Break: Completada Chilena

DE F17 Waffle Night

JP F17 Study Break: Long Jump Rope

ES F17 Welcome Party

RU F17 International Crepes Party

CN F17 Study break Let’s make dumplings!

FR F17 Study Break

JA S17 “Welcome Back Party”

JA S17 “Study Break: Onigiri & Soba Night”

DE S17 Study Break: Brötchenbacken

CN S17 Study Break

ES S17 Welcome Back Party

ES S17 Study Break: Make your own Tapa

CN S17 Welcome Back Party

DE S17 Welcome Back Party

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