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JP F18 Oldenborg Orientation and Welcome

DE FA18 Cultural Event: Atheneaum Talk with Jeffrey S. Kopstein

ES F18 Orientation and Welcome Party

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DE FA18 Cultural Event: August Welcome & Orientation event

CN F18 Study Break Mahjong

CN F18 Chinese Off-campus Activity Moonlight Forest

CN F18 Welcome Party

ES S18 Spanish dinner, cultural event

FR S18 Cultural Activity (off-campus) “Taking Shape: Degas as Sculptor”


ES S18 Welcome back party, Fiesta Ibicenca

JP S18 Off Campus Cultural Activity

DE S18 The Pomona College Orchestra

CN S18 Off-campus Cultural activity China town

RU S18 Uncle Vanya at Laemle 5

CN S18 welcome back party

RU S17 Oldenborg Welcome Back

ES S18 Cultural Event: Una Mujer Fantástica

ES F17 La Razón Blindada

CN F17 Welcome party

RU F17 Oldenborg Welcome and Orientation

CN F17 Cultural activity Chinese paper-cutting

ES F17 Off-Campus Cultural Activity: Día de los Muertos

DE F17 Oktoberfest

RU F17 The Seagull

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