Level: Advanced

Class Topic: Chilean memes and viral videos

Students will be able to:

  • Practice using colloquial language and expressions in Spanish
  • Identify popular Chilean memes and viral videos and their cultural significance

Class structure:

Warm up:

The facilitator starts by showing a picture of a popular Chilean meme and asking the students to describe what they see and what the meme means. The facilitator writes vocabulary words in the white board that are relevant to use in the class


In groups, students are assigned list of popular Chilean memes and viral videos, such as “Papi ya bájame”, “Instinto de madre leona”, “No soy material de los weones”, etc., and ask the students to watch them and analyze the language and expressions used. They are allowed to use their phones to watch them. Then, in their groups, they will practice using the new expressions in their own sentences.

Activity: Role play

The class is divided in 3 groups to work on the cases at first.

In small groups or pairs, students choose one of the videos and perform it in front of the class. They plan and prepare for it, discussing how they want to perform it, what elements they want to change and the kind of vocabulary that they want to use

Wrap up:

Students discuss and vote on the performance that was best in the class. They consider their acting, use of vocabulary and creativity

Resources used: Cellphones, Youtube, Powerpoint presentation

Reflection: What worked/did not work? How can it be improved?

It was a bit difficult for students to understand the vocabulary on the videos, which is why I wouldn’t do this class for the intermediate class. I tried to show them the kind of words that they would find in the videos, so they had an idea. They had fun though, and they did a great job performing the videos.