Language Resident: Marie Segura

Class theme/topic discussed : Personality & speed Dating

Class structure:


Create a word cloud and ask students to enter as many adjectives as possible


  • Give students 10mn to fill in a Tinder profile: they have to imagine a character, to choose their name, where they live, what they like doing etc, using adjectives seen before.
  • Organize a speed-dating: each student will be given 5mn in a breakout room to get to know each of the other students’ fictive character to find their perfect match.


  • Ask students if they found their perfect match and to explain what they have in common.
  • What would their first date be? Where would they go? If there’s still time, students can look for a restaurant online.

> If there is an odd number of students, one stays in the main room with you and you can ask them to introduce their character, and if they invented them, or were inspired by someone etc.

Resources used:

Google doc:

Wordcloud on Menti


Sending students into breakout rooms takes time, make sure to start early enough so that you can give them at least (!) 5mn to talk with the other person in the breakout room (especially for intermediate students, they probably need more).