Language Resident/Assistant Name: Tamara Olivos

Day and Date: February 10, 2021

Language and Level : Spanish Intermediate

Class theme/topics discussed: petitions

Goal of the class: To write a petition

How did you structure the class?

Ice-breaker: Taboo. The class is divided in groups. The instructor gives one person a word in a private chat (the word includes taboo words). Students must describe the word without mentioning the taboo words.

Activity 1: Students read a headline about funding being pulled from Erasmus students. As a class we discuss what is Erasmus and if there is something similar in the US (Fulbright pulled funding during the pandemic, for example)

Activity 2: Instructor asks students to define What is it? What is it for? Is it effective? Have you signed or created a petition? Encourage sharing as much as possible.

Activity 2: We read a short letter that a student sent to the Department of Education in Spain. Some verbs are in bold to call attention to the verb tense (presente del subjuntivo)

Activity 3: In a google Doc, students read some Facebook comments regarding the headline from activity 1. In groups, students must add a comment stating their opinion.

Activity 4: Students write their own petition. In groups of 2, students think about a topic that is relevant to them. Who is it addressed to? Some verb suggestions are given, and model structures. This could be a silly activity or a serious one. It will depend on your students.

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What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)

Zoom, google docs, PPT

 If you have a more detailed lesson plan, please attach it below (OK to use target language for that).  Please attach any handouts as well.

Puente: NO PUEDES DECIR río atravesar colgante unir

Batería: NO PUEDES DECIR instrumento banda música tambor

Ayer: NO PUEDES DECIR mañana tiempo antes día

Noche: NO PUEDES DECIR luna estrellas oscuro día

Película: NO PUEDES DECIR cine actor director rodar

Cangrejo: NO PUEDES DECIR pinzas crustáceo caparazón caminar

Museo: NO PUEDES DECIR arte edificio pinturas cuadros

Sandia: NO PUEDES DECIR jugosa verano fruta semilla

Pijama: NO PUEDES DECIR ropa noche cama dormir

Pintar: NO PUEDES DECIR artista cuadro colores pincel

Doctor: NO PUEDES DECIR hospital anestesia operación enfermo

Flan: NO PUEDES DECIR leche molde postre huevos

Disfraz: NO PUEDES DECIR traje mascara fiesta carnaval

Vaso: NO PUEDES DECIR beber agua cristal vidrio

Aceituna: NO PUEDES DECIR negra olivo aceite verde

Hoja: NO PUEDES DECIR árbol papel cuaderno escribir