Language Resident/Assistant Name:  

Kozue Matsumoto 

Day and Date:  

Wednesday October 14, 2020   

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class):  


Class theme/topics discussed:  

  • Student suggested theme #2 
  • Embarrassing Stories 

Goal of the class:  

  • Share embarrassing stories. 

How did you structure the class?  

  1. Good news (5 min) *We share positive stories at the beginning of each class.
  1. Continue from last class (5 min) 
  1. Today’s plan (5 min) 
    1. Your embarrassing story is awesome, but something you witnessed counts, too. For example, your siblings.
  1. Break out room (2-3people) (25 min)  
    1. Share embarrassing stories 
    2. Ask at least 1 question to each other’s stories 
  1. Main room (20 min) 
    1. Share each others’ story. 
    2. My partner’s story is like this. I asked this question, and their answer was that.  

What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.) 

Class agreement, breakup rooms 

Zoom, Breakout room.   

What worked well in this class? What did not work? 

  • They have hilarious stories! I thought the last class “Childhood stories” were amazing, but this was as amazing as last time if not more.  
  • We didn’t get to share all the stories, so we will start next class with sharing the rest of the stories. 
  • Students spoke a lot, and we laughed a lot.  
  • I felt students are trying very hard to tell a story as they wanted to deliver the story and how funny the story is. Also I sensed that everyone was listening hard because they didn’t want to miss the funny point.   
  • They were definitely sharing more stories while I wasn’t with them in breakout rooms.   
  • This is one of classes students chose as the best.

How could this class be improved/ modified? 

  • Several students said that they had hard time remembering any stories as they wanted to forget embarrassing stories. So I think it was a good idea to let them know that it’s ok to use some embarrassing stories that they witnessed as well as their own stories.