Language Resident: Katherine Pérez Gutiérrez

Class theme/topic discussed : Food Industry & Diet

Goal of the class 

  • Practice vocabulary related to diet and food industry
  • Discuss how health laws are related with health issues and the role food industries have on consumption.

Class structure

  • Warm-up questions: What’s a “diet” for you? Have your eating habits changed since you were a child? How would an average diet look like in the US? What diets have you heard of, what do they consist of?
  • Activity 1 Organic Diet: Students discuss the issues that are supposed to be solved by switching to a 100% organic diet. After introducing the possible new issues that may arise as a consequence, students discuss the short- and long-term effects an organic diet may have for the environment and agriculture. Would it be feasible for everyone?
  • Activity 2 Food labeling laws: Student watch videos about food labeling regulations in the US and in Chile. They answer some questions about them: Do they have anything in common? How are they different? What effects do you think these regulations have had on public health concerns? Do you think it changed people’s eating habits? Would it work in the US?
  • Activity 3 What’s for dinner (cred. Tamara Olivos): In groups students must create a recipe with a “secret ingredient” to make it special (doesn’t have to be food, they can be as creative as they want). Then, they present their creation to the class as if they were on TV.

Resources used

Reflection: What worked/did not work? How can it be improved?

  • It was a great class. Two students who took my class the year before so we had already commented on the food labeling laws, but in a much more superficial level. They were all very interested on how different the regulations were, the effects it had had on public health and how a regulation like this would be beneficial in the US.