Conversation Class Lesson Summary

Language Resident Name: JOSE GOMEZ

Day and Date: 02/19/2019

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class): Advanced

Class theme/topics discussed: The Weather

Goal of the class: To practice weather vocabulary, describe atmospheric phenomena and give their own weather forecast

How did you structure the class?

Warm-up: (10’) Describe the weather in a picture as best as they can

Activity 2 (5’): Students divide in 4 groups.

Each group gets a different picture. They have to give at least 6 activities they could do with that weather, using the conditional tense in Spanish “I could go on a hike because it is sunny”

They have to put the weather flashcard that fit depending on the picture. In a sunny picture they would attach It’s hot, it’s warm, it’s sunny, it is daytime, sunset… and so on

Students present their pictures and the others have to guess which flashcards they used for their pictures, removing them as the other guess them

Activity 3:

Students see a video of a weather forecast in Spanish.

(10’) Students are given a blank map of a country. They have to look up in the internet the current weather forecast for that country. Fill the map with the symbols, and prepare the forecast. They have to use the expressions that they have learned. They must include the use of the conditional, describe activities that they could do, and new vocabulary properly.

Then, they present their own weather forecast.

Music while they present:

What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)

  • 6 handouts with weather-related vocabulary
  • 3 sheets with Celsius-Farenheit
  • 11 word search activities
  • 6 print blank country maps for the presentation

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

How could this class be improved/ modified?

 If you have a more detailed lesson plan, please attach it below (OK to use target language for that).  Please attach any handouts as well.

– Handout with weather expressions

– Word search activity for the warm-up

– Maps for the weather forecast presentation:

  • Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Spain