Goal of the class: Practicing vocabulary related to traveling, discovering different French-speaking places. 


Warm up (5-10mn)

Do you like traveling? What does traveling mean to you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling? Do you think traveling is a form of education? What places have you been to? Would you like to travel on your own? 

Input (3mn)

Story about my trip a year ago to Montreal, mentioning the different means of transport I used, the different kinds of activities I did there etc. 

Activity 1 – What type of traveler are you? (10mn)

Tell the students, in pairs, that they have received a free trip but they can’t choose where they will go. The only thing they can do to get a trip they would actually enjoy is fill in a chart explaining what type of traveler they are. They have to choose and rank the 5 things they most like 

Activity 2 – organizing the trip (10-15mn)

Organize a surprise trip for another pair of students using their preferences. Each pair of students receives another pair’s list of travelling preferences. They then have to organize a surprise trip, by first choosing a destination (4 destinations are proposed on a handout with the main activities you can do there but they can also choose another French-speaking destination and look up for information online) and then deciding on different aspects of the trip: length of the trip, means of transport, housing, activities organized there… 

When they’re done, students pick 10 items out of a list that they would pack for this trip. They can add things if they want to. 

Activity 3 – Presenting the trip/receiving the gift (5-10mn)

Each group present the trip they organized to the rest of the class. The group who receives the surprise trip has to react using expressions proposed on a powerpoint.

Post-activity – traveling habits

Show a chart that presents different ways of travelling and discuss.