Goal of the class:

Review vocabulary about hobbies, talk about what they like doing + frequency, using the Turf dinner that had just happened. 



To introduce vocabulary related to hobbies, I told the students a story about my hobbies throughout my life, using slides to illustrate what I was saying.

Activity 1

  • Survey: what do you do in your free time? What kind of activities? Each student has a short survey and must interview another student to fill it in. For the advanced class, I asked them not to tell what their hobby was and their partner had to guess based on their answers. 
  • Each student then briefly presents their partner’s hobby to the rest of the class.

Activity 2

  • Students who have very different kinds of hobbies are paired up. Together, they must create a club that they would present to the Turf dinner. The club must be a mix of their  two hobbies plus another element that I randomly gave them (tea, pets, knitting…). They need to fill in a chart with information about the club and prepare a presentation for the Turf dinner. 
  • Fake Turf dinner: in turn, each pair presents their club to the rest of the class. The other students must find, in pairs, at least one question to ask to each group (asking for more details, for clarifications etc)

Resources used: 

  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Table for the survey/for the creation of the club