Language Resident Name: Yohichi Tagami

Day and Date: Monday, February 6, 2017

 Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class): Intermediate Japanese

 Class theme/topics discussed: Japanese Song & TV Show

 Goal of the class:

The students will be able to understand the basic contents of Japanese song and TV show.


How did you structure the class?

Activity 1 (2 min) Attendance check and Announcement

I check students’ attendance and give them announcements.

 Activity 2 (8 min) Warm-up

I casually ask the students about their weekend and Japanese New Year’s Party held last Friday.

Activity 3 (25 min) Review of the song “Mirai-e”

The students listen to the song with lyrics and fill in the rest of blanks while listening. Then I introduce some vocabulary and we review the meaning of lyrics sentence by sentence together in the class. Then I give them several questions related to the song and students talk about them in the class. In the end, we sing the song together in the class.

Activity 4 (25 min) Japanese Show

I ask a question about what you would do if you pick up some money. Students share the idea by demonstrating themselves in the class. Then, I introduce the show in the class and give them a question related to the theme on the show. We exchange the ideas in the class and watch the show together in the class. Then we review general information of what they have seen. I also give them explanation about some vocabulary not familiar with the students.

Back-up Activity (15 min) Listening to Japanese short comedy

I give them the theme before watching the clip. Students brainstorm what the story is about by sharing the ideas in the class. Then, we watch a clip together in the class and review general information of it. I also give them explanation about some vocabulary not familiar with the students.


 What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)



 What worked well in this class? What did not work?

The class was good in general. I was able to get the song activity done quickly and to move on to the next activity. I just found the short comedy, which was supposed to do in the class today, difficult, so I switched the activity with another one that I just came up with right before the class. Honestly, it was not prepared enough because of that sudden change, but I did my best. I could prepare enough before conducting the class, so that I could instruct the class well.


How could this class be improved/ modified?

When I conduct new activities in my intermediate class, I often failed as I feel in that way, and I find many points needed to be revised by the next class of teaching. This semester I usually try new activities in my intermediate class, so I need to be prepared enough more than I did in the last semester; otherwise, the class goes terrible. I need to be more aware of my delivery, explanation, and instruction for guiding the class from now on.