Language Resident Name: Tamara Olivos

Day and Date: April 26, 2017

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class): Intermediate Spanish

Class theme/topics discussed: Geography

How did you structure the class?

Warm up: Find the pairs: I printed cards with countries and nationalities in Spanish. Students had to pair each country with their nationalities.

Word search: Students find the list of most populated countries. After this, in the interactive map, we review how many people actually live there. I prompted students to try to guess so this way they practices saying high numbers in Spanish.

Map: I hand out a map of Spanish speaking countries. Together we identified where they were and shared some facts about them

Describing: Using the same deck of cards as last class, students described a monument, country or character.


 If you have a more detailed lesson plan, please attach it below (OK to use target language for that).  Please attach any handouts as well.

Word search:




interactive map:


Map to hand out: