Conversation Class Lesson Summary


Language Resident Name: Charlotte Eisenblaetter


Day and Date: Monday, 25 January ‘16


Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class): German intermediate


Class theme/topics discussed: Furniture and prepositions


Goal of the class: To use prepositions and their correct case and build sentences with words of furniture.


How did you structure the class?


  • Students had to match vocabulary to pictures of different pieces of furniture, say the right article for each word. (10 min)
  • We repeated the particular verbs that are used for speaking about putting things up, down, carrying stuff, picking things up and the particular cases that the verbs require. (10 min)
  • Students took turns rolling a dice with prepositions written on each side. Then they formed sentences, for example, “I put the book on the table”, or “I hang up the curtains at the ceiling”. (30 min)
  • At the end, I gave two of the students a picture of an apartment with furniture in it. They described the picture to the third student, who drew a picture following the description. (10 min)


What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)


A dice with prepositions on it (can be printed out from the Hueber Verlag online). They are also in the German lounge.


What worked well in this class? What did not work?


The activity worked really well, and it was very important to revise the specific verbs first. It lasted for half an hour, and students started to make up pretty funny sentences.


How could this class be improved/ modified?

 Lesson Plan: Lesson Plan Intermediate 25 january