Conversation Class Lesson Summary

Language Resident Name: Martin Siebert

Day and Date: Thursday, October 13, 2016

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class): German Advanced Conversation

Class theme/topics discussed:

Basic understanding and interpretation of a German song.

Goal of the class:

Practicing listening comprehension and understanding of texts (also stylistic devices) and justification.

How did you structure the class?  

20-25 minutes: Odd man out. The class is divided in two groups or pairs to have a competition. The LR provides 4 to 5 different words. Each group has to provide the reasons for each of the words to be the odd man out. The students are given a time limit during which they have to make up their reasons. They take notes so that they have proof that they do not copy from the other group that is presenting. Each word that they were able to describe as the odd man out will be rewarded a point. The LR varies the intensity by setting tougher time limitations. 

25-30 minutes: Song analysis of “Madsen – Geschichte”. The students listen to the song “Geschichte” by Madsen. They try to remember as much as possible (words, phrases, the general issue). The ideas are then shared with the class. Afterwards, they receive the songtext with gaps. The song is played a second time. The students then try to fill out the blanks in pairs. The LR then helps them to clarify misunderstandings and questions. Each pair gets to analyze one paragraph, the LR provides the categories that help them understanding the meaning. They present their ideas in class

3 minutes: Information about study break on 21st of October. Information about film festival next week (class will be dismissed at 4:55). Information about conversation class project – what is needed. 

What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)

Music so that they cannot hear each other that easily, wordlist for odd man out, TV/speakers to play the song, Songtext with gaps, questions for interpretation

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

Students liked both the song and the activities of this class.

How could this class be improved/ modified?

I would keep it as it is!



Katze, Hund, Schildkröte, Elefant

Löwe, Katze, Tiger, Bär

Mensch, Delphin, Hai, Wal

wütend, fröhlich, Gewalt, eifersüchtig/neidisch

Krieg, Flut, Trockenheit, Plage/Seuche

Adler, Eule, Fledermaus, Pinguin

Arzt, Psychologe, Priester, Dichter

Archäologe, Soziologe, Historiker, Paläontologe

Helikopter, Flugzeug, Bus, Vogel

Roman, Zeitung, Zeitschrift/Magazin, Radiosendung

Apfel, Orange, Mango, Banane, Traube, Pfirsich

Indien, China, Frankreich, Uganda, U.S.A, Neu-Guinea

Finger, Blut, Herz, Auge, Muskel, Zunge

Socke, Mantel, Kleid, Unterhosen, Schal, Jeans

Rotkäppchen, Hänsel und Gretel, Schneewittchen, Dornröschen, Aschenputtel

Baum, Busch, Blume, Unkraut, Pflanze, Gras

Trompete, Trommel, Geige, Flöte, Harfe, Klavier

Fluss, Wasserfall, See, Meer, Moor/Sumpf, Pfütze

ruhig, wütend, zierlich, schüchtern, bescheiden, flott/lebendig

Frieden, Freude, Harmonie, Schönheit, Delikatesse/Spezialität