Language Resident Name:

Day and Date:
Tuesday, January 27th

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class):
French intermediate

Class theme/topics discussed:
Famous French People

Goal of the class:
– Getting familiar with French celebrities
– Talking a bit about French history and politics through some personalities
– Talking about those French famous in the US

How did you structure the class?

1. Warm-up
Coming CA
What did you do last weekend?

2. Famous People
I give them a list of questions. In pairs, they have to guess which French celebrities it is about. Then, we watch a PowerPoint with the answers. I take time to talk to them about French politics, sports, cinema and music.
I ask them which French celebrities do they know and I list them on the white board.

3. Time’s up
We write different names of celebrities of little pieces of paper. Round 1: a student describes the person without saying the name; the others have to guess; Round 2: the student only say a word; Round 3: the student has to mime the celebrity.

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

We took our time to do the activity, watching videos on Youtube to learn more about those people, what did they do, etc. I also gave them some background about French politics and history. One students was really into sports so he talked about famous French sportsmen.

PowerPoint Famous People

Handout Famous People