Conversation Class Lesson Summary


Language Resident Name: Rosina Desimone


Day and Date: Thursday, April 9th


Language and Level: Spanish Advanced


Class theme/topics discussed: Citas


Goal of the class: For students to review and work on vocabulary related to a varied set of topics, so as to create and act out their own characters.


How did you structure the class:


Ice-breaker: Short game “¿Qué puedes hacer con esto?: The teacher writes a word on the board (eg: lámpara). Then, he/she divides the group into two teams. Each team has to come up with the greatest amount of “crazy” ways in which a certain object may be used.


Warm-up: The teacher divides the students into groups of two. Then, she /he shows them a ppp with pictures of Argentinian celebrities. The tasks consists for the students to create and adopt a fictional character based on these pictures. They have to come up with basic information related to name, age, hobbies, likes and dislikes, appearance, nationality, etc.


Then, the teacher indicates that these characters the students invented are best friends and have relationship problems with their respective partners. The students in pairs discuss what would they need/like in a future boyfriend or girlfriend as if they were friends.


After that, the teacher indicates that these characters are going to a blind date soon and therefore, they have to give advice to each other about these future date (what to do/not to do? What to say/not to say? What should they wear? Etc.)


Role-play: girls sit in a circle and the boys sit opposite each girl. They are going to have a speed date as if they were the characters they invented at the beginning of the activity. They have approximately 5 minutes to talk before they rotate and move to their next “date.”


Wrap up: The “friends” (groups of two of the first activity) meet again and talk about their experiences on the dates they had; they give advice for their further future dates.






What technology, media or props did you use?:


TV set, my laptop, My Ppp


What worked well in this class? What did not work?

The warm up was not as engaging as the main activity in the class.

The “speed date” activity worked really well as each task was “building” the vocabulary and structures they needed to move to the next activity. It was also very fun for the students to have their teacher participating on the last activity (I had to take a role so that the number of students in the circles was even)

How could this class be improved/modified?

Speed Date