Conversation Class Lesson Summary

Language Resident Name: Mirja Schoderer

Day and Date: Thursday, 4/30

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class): German advanced

 Class theme/topics discussed: Fairytales, scavenger hunt, evaluations

Goal of the class: review the vocabulary we learned this year

 How did you structure the class?

Ice Breaker: We talked a little about what’s going on on the weekend

Activity One: I had prepared scavenger hunt that started in the German Lounge and led the students through and around Oldenborg while reviewing some of the vocabulary we learned throughout the semester

Activity Two: I gave them the evaluations to complete


What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)

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What worked well in this class? What did not work?

They absolutely loved it and even thanked me explicitly for preparing this

How could this class be improved/ modified?

If you have a more detailed lesson plan, please attach it below (OK to use target language for that). Please attach any handouts as well.