Conversation Class Lesson Summary

Language Resident Name: Mirja Schoderer

Day and Date: Thursday, 4/10/15

Language and Level (intermediate or advanced class): German advanced

 Class theme/topics discussed: Crime

Goal of the class: introduce vocabulary around crime, familiarize the students with one of the most popular German TV series right now

 How did you structure the class?  

Ice Breaker: how did you like working on the project? What was new, also in terms of language?

Activity One: Which words do you know that are related to crime? How could someone die? I checked the words off of a list I prepared and handed it around in the end so they could see which vocabulary was still new 

Activity Two: Work in pairs: One of you describes a crime scene, the other one has to draw it 

Activity Three: “Black Story”. A black story is a very short account of a crime/ crime scene, the audience then has to guess what happened, using only yes or no questions

Activity Four: We watched the first episode of the German TV show “Tatortreiniger” which is about someone who comes to clean up crime scenes. An episode is only 25 minutes, so there was enough time to stop every now and then and make sure they understood the main points (there are no subtitles for the show)

What technology, media or props did you use? (internet resources, playmobiles, handouts, etc.)

Youtube, whiteboard, handout

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

They loved the class and kept using the words even in later classes, so for some reason it must’ve been memorable

How could this class be improved/ modified?

If you have a more detailed lesson plan, please attach it below (OK to use target language for that). Please attach any handouts as well.

Das Verbrechen

Der Mord, der Mörder, jemanden ermorden, der Selbstmord
Die Tat, der Täter, der Tatort
Der Beweis, etwas beweisen, das Beweismittel
Die Spur, Spuren suchen, die Spurensicherung, der Fingerabdruck
Der Tod, töten, tot
Die Leiche, der Leichnam
Das Blut, bluten, die Blutflecken
Die Polizei à die KriPo, der Kommissar, der Detektiv
Das Gericht, der Richter, der Anwalt, das Urteil, jemanden verurteilen
Das Verbrechen, der Verbrecher, ein Verbrechen begehen
Das Gefängnis / der Knast (colloq.), im Gefängnis sitzen