Conversation Class Lesson Summary

Language and Section: Russian Intermediate 11

Date: September 17, 2014

Class theme/topics discussed:

Going crazy and expressing the need (in that order)

Goal of the class:

Watch a couple of fun videos to remember the expression “to go crazy”, revise expressions of need, necessity, obligation

Structure of the class (unless you attach your lesson plan below):

 Activity 1 – General discussion + Warm-up Video 1 – 5 minutes

More vocabulary in HANDOUT 3

Activity 2 – Video 2 t.A.T.u. Ya soshla s uma (I have lost my mind) – 5 minutes

Lyrics in HANDOUT 1

Activity 3Video 3 Non cadenza Ne soiti s uma (Not to lose my mind) – 15 minutes

Lyrics in HANDOUT 2

Discussion: What is going on in the video? Where are they? What are they doing? Why does it end the way it does? Is this a happy ending?

Activity 3 – “I NEED…” – REVISION – 20 minutes

I need something (Мне нужен/нужна/нужно/нужны + Noun ) vs. I need to do something (Мне нужно/надо + Verb)

Short adjectives revision (structure)

Он уверенный (всегда) – он уверен, что (сейчас)

Examples, vocabulary work

Activity 4 – I NEED – exercise – HANDOUT 4 – 15 minutes

Two types of pair work:

  • Read your sentence in English out load and your partner translates it into Russian
  • Read your sentence in English (not say it out loud), translate into Russian, the partner translates back into English, you verify