Class theme/topics discussed: telenovelas

Goal of the class: to learn specific vocabulary about the topic

How did you structure the class?

To introduce the topic we brainstorm about the key characteristics of a telenovela. What are the common topics etc.

Activity 1: In pairs, while one student is facing the TV and the other faces the opposite wall, they must describe what is happening in the video (the video will be silent)

After this, I play the video again so everyone can see it (still silent)

Activity 2: In the same pairs they must come up with a dialogue for the scenes. They share their ideas with the class. For this activity I give them a handout with useful typical phrases of a telenovela.

When all the groups have shared their work I show them the video with dialogue and explain some vocabulary if necessary.

Activity 3: In groups, they pretend to be the producers of the next big telenovela. The need to pitch the idea and create the story and characters.

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

They loved it so much! I chose a very ridiculous seen of a well known Mexican telenovela, a classic. They laughed and everyone participated a lot, even the shiest students.


Handout vocabulario telenovelas