Language and Section: FR 13

Date: 04/15 & 17

Class theme/topics discussed: Student party/Parties

Goal of the class:
Learning vocabulary about party and partying.
Learning slang

Structure of the class (unless you attach your lesson plan below):

1 Warm-up
Weekend? Did you go to a student party?
Dans votre pays d’origine, participiez-vous à des soirées étudiantes? Racontez-nous vos soirées étudiantes, vos meilleurs souvenirs et vos anecdotes.
Est-ce que vous aimez les soirées étudiantes ? Pourquoi ?
Avez-vous déjà participé à des soirées étudiantes dans d’autres pays ? En quoi sont-elles différentes ?
Quels conseils pouvez-vous donner aux étudiants qui s’apprêtent à aller pour la première fois en soirée étudiante aux Etats-Unis ?

2 Article
Read altogether an article about the French student parties.
Qu’est-ce que ces témoignages vous apprennent sur le mode de vie des étudiants français ?
Quelles sont les alternatives aux soirées étudiantes ?
On rentre chez les parents le week-end ; soirées étudiantes le jeudi ; pas de « vie de campus » à l’américaine

3 Brainstorming
What are the reasons to party? (talking about “la pendaison de crémaillère”)

4 Listening comprehension
Video from Norman about birthday parties

Students then have to answer to 10 questions about this video

5 Scenario
You are at an American student party with a French friend. You have to explain him (in French) the meaning of two words or expressions of American slang.

6 Song
Tryo “Désolé pour hier soir”
They have to “translate” the slang from this song into a “correct” French

What technology, media or props did you use? (satellite tv, internet resources, playmobiles, etc.)

What worked well in this class? What did not work?

This class took me actually two days instead of one. Students who already lived in France loved sharing their experiences about students’ parties. One of the good surprises was the scenario exercise: it worked really well, and it was a good activity to paraphrase something they know and realize the connotations and levels of language in their own language, so then they understand better the French slang as we worked on translations.

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