Conversation Class Lesson Summary


Language Resident Name: Rosina Desimone


Day and Date: Wednesday, October 8th

Thursday, October 10th


Language and Level: Spanish Intermediate/Advanced


Class theme/topics discussed: La gente anda diciendo/Usos de “Por y para”/ Yeísmo


Goal of the class: For students to work on the uses “Por y para” and “Yeísmo”. Discussion on “La gente anda diciendo”


How did you structure the class:


Ice-breaker: Short game “Por y para” (see attached file)


Warm-up: The teacher asks the students the following questions:


-How you ever listen to other people talking without intention?

-What conversations do you remember?

-Would you like to read these conversations on Facebook?



After that, there’s a small discussion on “La gente anda diciendo” (a Facebook page in Argentina that collects quotes mentioned by ordinary people walking around town, in class, at the store, etc.) Then, the students look on their phones for quotes said by famous people. They write them down on their phones (without mentioning the author). They give them to their teacher, who then, mixes them up and hands them in back to students. Students read them out loud and try to guess who is the famous person that said a certain quote.


The teacher writes “yo” and “lluvia” on the board. Then, asks the students how do they think people in Argentina pronounce these words. As different versions come up, the teacher selects the correct version and explains briefly the linguistic phenomenon of ““Yeísmo”. After that, the teacher hands the students a copy of a song. The students have to fill in the gaps in the song and identify cases of “Yeísmo” while listening. (See Handouts)


Wrap up: “Whiteboard game”: the students draw lots of words on the board related to the songs. Then, two students (not facing the board) listen to one of the classmates saying one of the words on the board. The winner is the student who first shouts and erases with his/her hand the word said by their classmate.



What technology, media or props did you use?: My laptop, TV set and handouts, and flashcards.


What worked well in this class? What did not work?

I think the main content of this lesson (La gente anda diciendo) was a bit too advanced for my intermediate students. As well as the song “Vuelos” was too complex and abstract for their level. They did it well with the board game as well as the song though, and they loved playing with grammar items!


How could this class be improved/modified?

I believe that “La gente anda diciendo” and “Vuelos” may be too advanced for Intermediate learners. If working with these topics, take special attention to the quotes to be selected.




Vuelos – Bersuit Bergarabat La gente anda diciendo