Lesson #2: 15-M Social Movement in Spain

Date: October 29th 2013

The class level: Advanced

Size of the class: 9 students

Class time: 1 hour

Lesson Plan

Overall Goal: Discussing about recent social movements in Spain

Teaching Objectives:

–       Review vocabulary related to demonstration and social discontent. Banner language.

–       Showing current Spanish situation

–       Practice assembly rules. Hypothetical problem solving. Working in commissions.


Media/ supplies needed: handouts, video projector

Procedures and time needed:

Greetings + warm–up (15 min): Students work in pairs. I hand out pictures of recent banners found in demonstrations in Spain. They need to understand the messages, what banners refer to, their context, and explain them to their classmates. Gathering vocabulary.

Activity #1 Video (20 min): Re-activation of vocabulary. Explaining some vocabulary before watching the video. I play two clips showing the reasons behind 15M Movement and the beginning of Camp at Sol Square. Discussion about other movements all over the world and their reasons.

2’30’’-4’50’’. Massive demonstrations that showed people’s discontent in 2011.

7’-9’50’’. Camp at Sol Square

Activity #3 Assembly (25 min): Working in assemblies. As people from 15M movement did at the Camp and afterwards, students learn how to work in assemblies. They need to listen to other people’s opinions, vote and reach a consensus taking in consideration all the proposals. The teacher is the moderator of the assembly, and he/she reads the agenda of the day. Students represent different commissions: food, infrastructure, action, communication and so on. They discuss about some issues related to every commission and try to fin solutions by voting and reaching consensus.