Class theme/topics discussed:
Proverbs and Sayings

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Handouts, general discussion.

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They enjoyed the class.
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Please attach a copy. Lesson 11_Sayings

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It introduces students to popular idioms and sayings that enrich and advance their vocabulary proficiency and allow them sound more “native” in Russian.

Advanced Russian
Lesson 11
February 22, 2011

1. Brainstorming:
– ask students if they know any Russian sayings/ proverbs. Write them down on the board;
– what American sayings/ proverbs do they use frequently? Do they know the Russian equivalents? Write down the Russian equiv. on the board.

2. Vocabulary: students get a handout (Lesson 11_Sayings), but without the translation first! Prompt them to guess what these sayings men and in what context they may be used. Students can use dictionaries if necessary. After everyone shared their interpretations, give them the right answers (handout with translation).

3. Practice:
Students create short skethes/ dialogues for at least three expressions from the handout. Goal: to illustrate the meaning and usage.