Introductions #2

How did you pick this theme or topic?

Second class, so I wasn’t sure whether there would be more or less students, I didn’t want to start doing something with students who might drop the class the following week, or who might not be enrolled yet.
I also wanted to keep on getting to know them.

How did you present the material? (Handouts, group work, general discussion, student presentations, etc.)

Game 2 truths and a lie
Video on youtube

How did students react?

Did they engage with each other and you?
They engaged with me when we played the game because they had to write the sentences on the white board which allowed us to see what was wrong in them and correct their mistakes. They also engaged with each other when making up stories.

What materials or media did you use? (articles, satellite tv, digital projector, etc.)

White board

Please attach a copy.

Would you recommend this activity for a future class?
Yes, it was nice getting to know them more, and play a game!

Intermediate 1/20

1. Plans for this weekend?

2. 2 truths and a lie

→ have to come up and write 2 truths and a lie about themselves
→ i start and then everyone writes it on the white board

3. winter break

→ they have to draw something related to their break
→ then we mix up the papers
→ each of them has to draw a paper and describe it to the people and imagine what the story behind it is
→ the one who drew it has to talk about it and explain why he drew it