How did you pick this theme or topic?

After the cooking session, I realized that they needed to learn food vocabulary, and it’s always fun for the students to learn more about this cultural part of a language.

How did you present the material? (Handouts, group work, general discussion, student presentations, etc.)

Games with flashcards
Game of the pairs + taboo style game

How did students react?

They reacted well, they liked playing games.

Did they engage with each other and you?

Yes. They had to say the word of each picture each time they found it, and then had to create sentences to make the other guess which word it was.

What materials or media did you use? (articles, satellite tv, digital projector, etc.)
Recipe found on the internet (

Please attach a copy.
Below is the plan I had with me in class.

Would you recommend this activity for a future class?
Yes, I think they liked it and learned the vocabulary while having fun.

Intermediate 02/02


5 min

– Warm-up
– ask them what they know, write it on the white board

5 min

– I give them the pictures and words
– they have to memorize them

15-20 min – game “pairs”

– they have to match the pictures and the words
– when they find a pair, they have to produce a sentence using it
– the winner is the one who finds more pairs

15-20 min – taboo-like game

– Then I give each of them a series of pictures and they have to make the other guess what it is without using its name

If some time left
• What is your favorite food?
• What food have you always wanted to try but haven’t?
• etc…