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Stereotypes always work with students because they usually have many things to say.

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Pair work
General discussion

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Advanced 10/28

French and American stereotypes

1. Warm-up 5 min

1. Write the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says:
étudiant de Pomona / Pitzer / Scripps / CMC / HMC

2. Interviews in pairs
– What are the French stereotypes for them?
– What are the American stereotypes for them?
– Do you know other country stereotypes?

→ group discussion

⇒ Have you ever experienced stereotyping in France or abroad?

3. Youtube video

4. Game

Equipes de 3

– je lis les 10 stereotypes, l’equipe qui repond en premier gagne un point

– chacun doit ecrire une definition d’un stereotype sur un bout de papier, je les collecte tous, puis je lis les papiers et l’equipe qui repond en premier gagne un point.