Conversation Class
Lesson Plan


Date: 09/14/2010

Class theme/topics discussed:
Everyday life

How did you pick this theme or topic?
I found some very interesting videos on the internet called HBO Habla and I thought we could watch them in class and talk about the many and different topics the talk about.

How did you present the material? (handouts, group work, general discussion, student presentations, etc.)
We watched the videos and discussed after each one whatever he or she was talking about.

How did students react?
They liked the videos a lot and learned a lot of information that they didn’t know until that moment. Some topics were really interesting for them.

Did they engage with each other and you?
Yes, they did.

What materials or media did you use? (articles, satellite tv, digital projector, etc.)
Videos from Youtube

Please attach a copy.

Would you recommend this activity for a future class?

Why or why not?
They enjoyed the different topics a lot.