Conversation Class
Lesson Plan


Date: 12/02/2010

Class theme/topics discussed:

How did you pick this theme or topic?
It was the last class, so we decided to talk about traditions during Christmas.

How did you present the material? (handouts, group work, general discussion, student presentations, etc.)
We went to the Coop, got coffee and cookies and talked in a very relaxed way about these traditions.

How did students react?
They enjoyed it very much, especially the treats.

Did they engage with each other and you?
Yes, they did.

What materials or media did you use? (articles, satellite tv, digital projector, etc.)
List of traditions.

Please attach a copy.

Would you recommend this activity for a future class?

Why or why not?
They learned a lot of different traditions while having fun.

Int26-Tradiciones navideñas típicas de países hispanohablantes