Class theme/topics discussed:

How did you pick this theme or topic?
Language is important tool to communicate with people, but Gesture and Facial Expression is also one of tool. I think Showing gesture at Japanese Special dinner might be good idea. So, I picked up this topic.

How did you present the material? (handouts, group work, general discussion, student presentations, etc.)
First of all, I didn’t tell them that I would like to have Gesture Game at Japanese Special Dinner.

How did students react?
They reacted very well! They had no ideas what Japanese gesture stands for.

Did they engage with each other and you?
Yes, they did very much.

What materials or media did you use? (articles, satellite tv, digital projector, etc.)

70 Japanese Gestures: No Language Communication) from Miyake-sensei
日本語おしゃべりのたね Unit4(ジェスチャーで伝えよう)p.p.28-29

Would you recommend this activity for a future class?

Why or why not?