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Author: Marie Segura

FR F19 INT Hobbies & clubs

Goal of the class:

Review vocabulary about hobbies, talk about what they like doing + frequency, using the Turf dinner that had just happened. 



To introduce vocabulary related to hobbies, I told the students a story about my hobbies throughout my life, using slides to illustrate what I was saying.

Activity 1

  • Survey: what do you do in your free time? What kind of activities? Each student has a short survey and must interview another student to fill it in. For the advanced class, I asked them not to tell what their hobby was and their partner had to guess based on their answers. 
  • Each student then briefly presents their partner’s hobby to the rest of the class.

Activity 2

  • Students who have very different kinds of hobbies are paired up. Together, they must create a club that they would present to the Turf dinner. The club must be a mix of their  two hobbies plus another element that I randomly gave them (tea, pets, knitting…). They need to fill in a chart with information about the club and prepare a presentation for the Turf dinner. 
  • Fake Turf dinner: in turn, each pair presents their club to the rest of the class. The other students must find, in pairs, at least one question to ask to each group (asking for more details, for clarifications etc)

Resources used: 

  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Table for the survey/for the creation of the club

FR F19 INT/ADV Dorms

Goal of the class: 

Revise furniture vocabulary & revise the structures “I want”/“I need” while talking about a subject they are familiar with as they have probably just moved in. 


Warm up

Questions about them: in what kind of dorm they live, on campus, in Oldenborg, first time…


Story about my arrival here, description of my apartment, then mentioning the one I used to have in France that was empty and that I needed to furnish. ➔ Introducing vocabulary + structure they will need + questions about their own dorms to check their comprehension. 

For the intermediate class, I would use a powerpoint with pictures of furniture to give them more vocabulary before starting. 

Guided practice

Together, establish a list of the furniture a student might need in their new room. You can use a word cloud and ask each student to give 3 words for the advanced class. 


  1. You just arrived in your new dorm and it is completely empty so you need to buy everything. In pairs, go on the website You have a budget of 400 euros to refurbish your room. What would you buy? 
  2. Change of plan: you are now real estate agents. In pairs, think about the best arguments to rent the room you just furnished. Present your selection to the rest of the class and convince the others that your room is the best (because it looks good, because it is very practical…)
  3. Creating rules for the ideal flat-share (eg sharing food/having friends over/cleaning). If they were to live together, what would their 5 main rules be?

Resources used:

  • Ikea website/students’ laptops 
  • Paper to write the rules

FR F19 INT Traveling – Surprise trip

Goal of the class: Practicing vocabulary related to traveling, discovering different French-speaking places. 


Warm up (5-10mn)

Do you like traveling? What does traveling mean to you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling? Do you think traveling is a form of education? What places have you been to? Would you like to travel on your own? 

Input (3mn)

Story about my trip a year ago to Montreal, mentioning the different means of transport I used, the different kinds of activities I did there etc. 

Activity 1 – What type of traveler are you? (10mn)

Tell the students, in pairs, that they have received a free trip but they can’t choose where they will go. The only thing they can do to get a trip they would actually enjoy is fill in a chart explaining what type of traveler they are. They have to choose and rank the 5 things they most like 

Activity 2 – organizing the trip (10-15mn)

Organize a surprise trip for another pair of students using their preferences. Each pair of students receives another pair’s list of travelling preferences. They then have to organize a surprise trip, by first choosing a destination (4 destinations are proposed on a handout with the main activities you can do there but they can also choose another French-speaking destination and look up for information online) and then deciding on different aspects of the trip: length of the trip, means of transport, housing, activities organized there… 

When they’re done, students pick 10 items out of a list that they would pack for this trip. They can add things if they want to. 

Activity 3 – Presenting the trip/receiving the gift (5-10mn)

Each group present the trip they organized to the rest of the class. The group who receives the surprise trip has to react using expressions proposed on a powerpoint.

Post-activity – traveling habits

Show a chart that presents different ways of travelling and discuss.



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